Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i become a member?

    Kindly log on to www.nsche.org, click on membership log in, click on prospective membership and continue with the registration. Kindly note that you would need two Referees who are already members. Please contact the Chairman of your Chapter you wish to belong to. Contacts of Chairmen are on the website

  • How do I log in to my portal as a member of NSChE?

    Log on to www.nsche.org. On the top right corner, click on members log in, use your membership number for both log in and password with capital letter. eg F0337. you can update your profile, check your bills, pay your bills, sign off as a Referee etc...

  • Can I change my password after log in?

    Yes, you can change your password and a code would be sent to your email address to complete the process. Make sure you update your email address on your personal profile so that the system can detect it

  • Do I have to be a member of any Chapter of NSChE

    It is sacrosanct to belong to a Chapter because the chapters form the nucleus of the Society. There are weekly, monthly , quarterly and annual activities carried out by the Chapters

  • Must a Referee be financially up to date

    Yes, He or She must be financially up to date to be a Referee of a prospective members

  • When are Prospective Members admitted?

    Admissions are concluded at the Council meeting held quarterly. However, prospective members are expected to have filled the application forms and uploaded all the requested documents, have their Referees to endorse their applications and submit for assessment by the Examination and Admission Committee. Prospective members can follow up with progress on their admission on their portal

  • Must a prospective member join a sectoral group

    Yes, a prospective member must join at least one sectoral group for effective participation and to contribute professionally. Mentorship is also done at Sectoral group level

  • How do I become a FELLOW of the Society

    Any active Corporate member with the Society for at least 10 years, can apply for Fellowship. Other terms and conditions would be communicated by the National Secretariat to prospective Fellows

  • How Many Cadre of Membership do we have

    FELLOW, CORPORATE, GARDUATE, ASSOCIATE, AFFILIATE AND STUDENT cadre of membership. Kindly read through the perquisite section before applying for any of the Cadre above when applying for membership

  • What is the Governing Structure of the Society like?

    Council I Board I

  • What is the highest Cadre of the Society?


  • Is there an Annual Conference and when is it held

    Yes, it is held around first and second week of November, It is hosted by a Chapter annually. The Annual General Meeting is held during the Conference.

  • Are there any other Conferences?

    FELLOWS Conference is held annually and Students' Chapter also hold a Convention annually.

  • From when to when does the financial year through

    From July to June of the next year

  • What are the Subsidiaries of NSChE

    NSChE Foundation, NICHEM Ventures and NIEL

  • What is address of the National Secretariat of the Society

    Plot 4 Oyetubo Street Off Obafemi Awolowo Street Ikeja Lagos

  • How many States Chapters does NSChE Have?

    Lagos/Ogun, Oyo/Osun/Kwara, Riv/Bay, Edo/Delta, Kogi, Niger, FCT/Nasarawa, Akwa/Cross, kaduna, Abbigot, Benue, United States and Students Chapter

  • How old is NSChE?

    NSChE is fifty three years old this year (53)

  • Does NSChE have a WhatsApp line?

    Yes, it is both a call line and WhatsApp line. 09134967243

  • What do I do if I have challenges with registration or if I need other help online.?

    A 24 hours communication smiley with inscription we are here could be used or you can call the WhatsApp line

  • How do I pay my annual dues?

    Kindly pay through your payment platform on your portal. log in through www.nsche.org

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