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It is my pleasure to  convey to you  Council’s approval on  the establishment of 9 Sectoral  Groups listed below  with a view to  catering to the breadth of Chemical Engineering practice in Nigeria.  You are hereby cordially invited to join a minimum of one and a maximum of three Sectoral Groups. For existing members, you can select the sectoral groups you want to join from your profile and for new members, select the Sectoral groups you are interested in during your registration process. The prime  objective  is to provide an all inclusive platform for Chemical Engineers to participate in the activities and programmes of the Society. It is expected that from now on no Chemical Engineer will feel alienated as everyone would fit into one Group or the other.

Please find below  the list of  Sectoral Groups  and their respective Co-ordinators, the Aims and Objectives of the Sectoral Groups and the approved  Guidelines for their operations.

Kindly make your choice appropriately.

Thank you

NSChE Management



NSChE Council has approved 9 Sectoral Groups to cater to the breadth of Chemical Engineering practice in Nigeria. The  list of the Sectoral Groups  and their respective Co-ordinators  are  as follows:


         SECTORAL GROUP  (SG)                                            CO-ORDINATOR

 a.  Education & Research (ER)                                                   Prof. Ayo Kuye 

b.  Solid Minerals Processing (SMP)                                          Engr. Ben Akaakar 

c.  Bio/Agro/Food/Pharma (BAFP)                                            Dr. Felix Ajuebor 

d.  Chemicals & Chemical Products (CCP)                                Engr. T. A. Taiwo 

e.  Petroleum Upstream (PU)                                                      Engr.(Mrs) Oluseyi Afolabi 

f.   Petroleum Midstream/Downstream (PMD)                          Engr. M. T. H. Williams  

g.  Health/Safety/Environment (HSE)                                        Engr. M. B. Abubakar

h.  Management/Consulting/Construction/Services (MCCS)     

i.   Computing & Systems Technology (CST)                            Dr. Dauda Araromi  



i.         To serve as rallying points for Chemical Engineers practising in the various sectors, for networking, sharing of knowledge and sharing of experience.

ii.        To promote best Chemical Engineering practices and professional excellence in the sectoral areas.

iii.       To promote the relevance and importance of Chemical Engineering in the sectoral areas.

 iv.       To create and foster a sense of belonging for Chemical Engineers in varied endeavors, within the NSChE family.

 v.        To provide breadth and diversity in programs and activities of NSChE, thereby sustaining the interest, participation and membership of a broad spectrum of Chemical Engineers in the society.

 vi.       To identify relevant issues and trends in the sectoral areas and apprise NSChE as appropriate.

 vii.      To initiate professional positions on issues of policy and public interest arising in their sectoral areas, in consultation with the Policy Advisory Committee of the society.

 viii.     To promote the spirit Chemical Engineering entrepreneurship in the sectoral areas.



 i.         Council shall designate a coordinator for each SG at the onset, for a tenure of 2 years. Once the SG activities commence, the Coordinator shall be expected to choose an Assistant Coordinator and a Secretary, after due consultation with subscribing members. These officers shall constitute the Working committee of the SG.

 ii.        Each SG shall be expected to elect its Coordinator subsequently on expiry of the 2 year term of the appointed Coordinator. Elections shall also be held at the same time for positions of Assistant Coordinator and Secretary.

 iii.       Members of the SG Working Committees may be eligible for election to office for three consecutive 2-year terms, after which they shall no longer be eligible.

 iv.       The SGs shall be considered special organs of Council. The Coordinators shall therefore automatically become members of Council and shall be expected to attend quarterly Council Meetings, to represent their SGs.

 v.        Each Coordinator shall submit a written report to Council in a format to be agreed with the Executive Secretary and approved by the BOD, quarterly.

 vi.       SG activities shall be conducted mostly by electronic communication.Physical activities may also take place where there is a high aggregation of members in a location. Each SG is however expected to hold a session at the Annual Conference of the society. These activities shall be tailored to deliver on the aims and objectives, as outlined above.

 vii.      An SG may request approval and obtain support from the National Secretariat or the BOD for major events which have potentials of providing value for the SG, NSChE and Chemical Engineers.

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  • T. Oyegoke  Reply

    Please I need a link for joining "Computing & Systems Technology (CST)". Thanks

    February 10, 2023 aA 08:42 AM
    • H. David  Reply

      You should be able to join this sectoral group via your membership portal.

      March 29, 2023 aP 09:33 PM

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